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PMS-02 Mic Splitter

PMS-02 Canal Splitter

The PMS-02 mic splitter is a passive dual channel box designed to feed one mic signal to one parallel 'thru' output and a pair of transformer isolated XLR outputs. This makes the PMS-02 a 1 in and 3 out microphone splitter box. A ground lift on each channel provides further control over hum. Phantom power can be looped through the parallel thru socket, making it possible to use condenser mics.

Technical Specifications  

Dual channel “1 in 3” splitbox in an aluminum die-cast housing
Each channel:
* Input: 1 - XLR/f, wired to an XLR/m ‘thru’ jack
* Output: 2 - XLR/m - mu-metal sheilded transformer isolated
* 1:1 ratio
* 200ohm nominal impedance in/out
* Resistor-decoupled outputs
* +4 dB max level




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