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PLS-02 Line Splitter

PLS-02 Line Splitter

The PLS-02 is a passive dual channel line splitter with one XLR input and 3 XLR outputs. It is mainly used to feed the left and right master outputs of a mixer into several inputs such as power amplifiers, recording machines, etc. One output is wired parellel with the input as a 'thru' feed. The other two XLR outputs are transformer isolated. A specially designed audio frequency transformer maintains signal integrity and prevents ground loop hum. This unit also converts unbalanced signals into balanced signals and vice versa. Rugged diecast aluminum box.

Technical Specifications  

• 2 channel line splitter 1" into 3". Each Channel:
• Input: Female XLR type with parallel male MLR type output
• 2 transformer isolated male XLR type outputs. Transformer ration 1:1
• Nominal level: 0 dBu. maximum level +20 dBu
• Nominal impedence input and output: 600 ohms
• Ground lift switch




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