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PLI-03 Line Isolation Box
PLI-03 Line Isolation Box
The PLI-03 is a dual channel isolating transformer designed to help solve specific problems which may arise when connecting computer sound cards to stereo/recording systems. The PLI-03 can safely eliminate any ground loops. Also, by isolating digital and analog ground, it eliminates crackling and hissing noise originating from the computer’s high-frequency clock signals. The RCA jacks on the inputs-outputs make the PLI-03 a convenient tool to eliminate ground loops in hi-fi stereo systems. These are sometimes caused by community antenna installations. In car hi-fi systems, it can also eliminate unwanted ground noise.
Technical Specifications
2 channel line isolation box. Each channel:
  • RCA input jack
  • RCA output jack
  • In/out ratio of 1:1
  • Maximum level: +6 dBu
  • Nominal impedance: 10K ohm
  • Frequency range: 20Hz - 30kHz

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