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PGA-05 Speaker Simulator

PGA-05 Speaker Simulator
PGA-05 Speaker Simulator

The PGA-05 ADIG-ST -Advanced Direct Injection for Guitar-Stereo is a single rack space unit that operates in a similar way to the PGA 04. The difference is that the PGA-05 is active, requiring external power and has 2 channels, but no built-in loadbox, making it ideal for stereo applications, e.g. in preamps and guitar processors.

The rear inputs have a line/speaker level input switch making it versatile enough to use with preamps or amps. Since the PGA-05 does not have a built-in load box, you must use a speaker cabinet if you use an amp.

Each channel has a balanced XLR output with a line/mic level pad and 2 unbalanced 1/4in outputs.
It has the same volume and tone features as the PGA-04. This is a powered unit that is switchable 230/115VAC

Technical Specifications  

• Two independent channels, each channel:
• Input: 1/4” jack with parallel output to Link 'THRU' the signal
• Input level: Switchable between line/loudspeaker level
• Outputs: 2 x 1/4” jack for line level, unbalanced, floating
• One XLR/m balanced, floating, PAD switchable level for line/microphone
• Controls: Volume Filter, Low, High, Lite/Brown (switch for tone shaping), Full Range volume and Hi-Cut switch
• Internal power supply 230/115VAC




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