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PDI-01 Direct Box

PDI-01 Direct Box

The PDI-01 D.I. box is a passive unit that works exceptionally well in almost any standard application. A specially designed high quality balancing transformer provides smooth frequency response throughout the audio range, huge amounts of headroom, and maintains signal integrity. A rugged diecast alloy box provides excellent RF shielding.

The SOFT GND feature is new and exclusive to the latest version of the PDI-01. The two grounds are not directly connected to each other, but instead are connected through a capacitor to form a "soft" ground. The reason for this "soft" ground is that many computers and other equipment radiate high frequencies that have a very disturbing effect on the signal, which can be heard as a high-pitched buzzing sound. This can be eliminated by grounding through a capacitor, which, due to an adequately high resistance, also takes care if the normal 50/60Hz AC hum. The SOFT GND should be used if the PDI-01 is connected to a computer sound card or interface device.


Technical Specifications  

* Single channel passive direct box
* Input: 1 - 1/4in jack
* Transformer balanced XLR and 1/4in parallel outputs
* Passive - no batteries
* Three position attenuator switch: 0 dBu/-20 dBu/-40 dBu
* Input gain: -20dBu
* Ground lift switch
* Maximum input level: +62 dBu
* Maximum outout level: +2dBu
* Frequency range: 10Hz - 40kHz
* Input impedance: 60k ohm
* Nominal output impedance: 200 ohm
* Dimensions: 112x65x32 mm




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